FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Madonna Lily

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So many Botanical Histories surround Lilies and most relate to the purity of the colour white, of the 'heavenly' scent and of the trumpet shape which would indicate messages from 'above'.

It is said that on seeing Christ on the Cross, the Virgin Mary cried and from where her tears fell upon the ground, Lilies grew.
This story is also told as Eve crying as she left the garden of Eden and Lilies growing from her tears upon the ground.

Lilies feature very strongly with Christian Art and are often depicted with the Virgin Mary along with Roses. This is thought to have begun with the story of Saint Thomas. He visited her tomb after her death but not believing she had amended to Heaven, opened her tomb but found only lilies and roses within.

Magickally, Lilies are said to protect against negativity, witchcraft and witches. You can protect your home from evil, negativity and ghosts by ensuring they are grown along your boundaries.

While for many, Lilies are strongly associated with Death, this has come about due to the strong perfume and the belief that the purity of Lilies with absolve sin and afford protection in the afterlife. The scent of course was advantageous in early times to cover the aroma of the deceased. This is why many highly fragranced flowers have a connection with death still for us today. Need becomes tradition.

Oh and why do some Brides carry Lilies? This goes back to a Medieval spell-breaker! To carry lilies on your Wedding day will break any Love Spell and thus ensure that you are truly marrying of your own free will.

 bunches of love, ๐ŸŒธ Cheralyn xx

information from my new book 'Flowerpaedia, 1000 flowers and their meanings' released by Rockpool Publishing

๐Ÿ’ Flower of the Day ~ Daisy

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 It feels like a 'daisy' kind of day for me today, and maybe you too!
'Day's Eye', as they were known hints at their lovely habit of closing each evening to then open and greet the day the following sunrise.

Giving them to someone is a sure way to brighten their day and to instil some playful and even nostalgic charm into an occasion.

bunches of love, ๐ŸŒท Cheralyn xx

information from my new book 'Flowerpaedia, 1000 flowers and their meanings'
Released by Rockpool Publishing available at all good book, gift, florist & garden stores now.

๐ŸŒท Tulip ~ Flower of the Day

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Such interesting flowers with a fascinating history.
If you want to explore the depths of the Language of Flowers then no study is at all complete without learning and understanding Tulips and our centuries~long enchantment with them. 'Tulip Mania' is the term most often used to describe our long obsession with them and a good lesson in watching where your desires lead you!

Originating in Iran, they were cultivated in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and then introduced into Europe in the 16th Century.
Not 'from' Holland at all, or Canberra either ;)

If you want to improve the passion in your life, in all aspects, there is no better flower than the tulip.
They also help declare your love for another and have it accepted and to boost times in your life when you may of lifted from your life Passion and Purpose.

bunches of love,
๐ŸŒท Cheralyn xx

information from my new book Flowerpaedia, 1000 flowers and their meanings ~ released by Rockpool Publishing 2nd April 2017 



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Cleansing, calming, balancing Bottlebrush is flowering everywhere at the moment in my world.

I keep walking into them, actually really! This actual beautiful flower brushed over my head on my walk on Friday so I thought I'd share my picture with you because every time I look at this one again, I feel a bit more hope and calmness. Maybe one or two of you may enjoy this Flower as well.
bunches of love,
๐ŸŒป Cheralyn xx

information from my new book Flowerpaedia, 1000 flowers and their meanings ~ released by Rockpool Publishing

โ€ The Night Flowers are here!

It has been the busiest two weeks of my life, honestly without exaggeration!
I really appreciate the patience of so many of you as I pack your Flowers of the Night Oracle Decks and get them posted out to you.
This is something that I do have to do alone. I would actually love to hire someone to help out with these things but due to where I live and the nature of my work and timings, it's really not possible at present, so it is left to me alone when these 'events' happen.

Here is Arrival Day for me! 

Right now I am getting dozens of enquiries each day as to whether there are any deck remaining or if they can be purchased in a store and the answer is yes there are some left and the only place they are available is through my online store here ~


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How does Florasphere FlowerScope Work?
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This is based on Traditional Flower Reading and the energies of Nature.
Your selection will indicate which of these energies particularly relate to you and give you support and assistance in navigating the week ahead.

How Can I Connect with My Flower?
There are many ways to connect with your Flowerscope Flower simply thinking about the flower, meditating on it, drawing it, downloading an image to keep beside you, growing it and creating flower essences and botanical products to use as well. Hold your flower close all week to tap into the Natural Energies and gets of support and insight.

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may you be blessed with a wonderful week! 
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